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  1. Walk down side of house into the boiler room located below the front door terrace
  2. Use pin code provided to open key lock box
  3. Once inside check electricity by turning on light in hall if no light comes on follow “Power cut” steps below
  4. Leave shoes at the door
  5. Head upstairs
  6. Open all shutters – ensure that all shutters are fixed open so they do not flap in the wind
  7. Livingroom: plug in two blue plugs behind TV – this powers on the TV & wifi router
  8. Kitchen: Run hot water tap if it does not get hot
  9. Kitchen: Open fridge to get yourself a glass of wine 🙂


  1. Ground floor – there is a guest room to your right & guest bathroom ahead of you
  2. First floor – here you will find a kitchen and living room
  3. Second floor – Master bedroom, Bathroom & Office
  4. Garden – the gardens is all around the house although not defined with a clear fence.

Wifi: There are three wifi options within the house this is due to the construction of the house not allowing a strong signal throughout the building….

  1. Lakeside 5Ghz: this is good for when you are located in guest bedroom, master bedroom & living room all the rooms that are on the “lakeside” of the house. Password is:
  2. Sitecom 270: this is good when you are in the kitchen or mountain side of the house.

Power cut: If there is a power cut check that the master switch by the front door is on. If this is ok and you still do not have any power then go outside to the NW corner of house. There is a small grey plastic hatch, here you will find the main power switch to the whole house. Power trips off when you use two or more high power electrical items at the same time e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, hairdryer, kettle

Hot water: If there is no hot water then go outside & down to boiler room where you got the key. Open small flap on front of boiler and press “reset” button on the left hand side. The check for hot water again.